The time has brought me here, admire how beautiful creations with gratitude from Allah. Enjoy the evening and almost rain…

Pine Forest tempting the desire to come back here , located in the Sentul City, Bogor less than half a day trip from Jakarta.


I set out with my cousin and the preparation is less matute, but very pleasant for  us


We should come early because the weather is unpredictable . Bogor is also famous as the city of rain. We arrived late afternoon. To come in the pine forest in charged 10 thausand rupiah/person . In Pine forest there are track for climbing, camping and thermal baths, which contained mineral. The temperature of hot water in the Pine Forest is just warm.

Warm water flowing river Pine Forest is come from sources that are Red Crater about 2 kilos from Pine Forest.

The entrance fee into the Red Crater, 10 thousand rupiah for adults and 3 thousand rupiah for children


To be able to get into the Red Crater the car most be parked at the mosque, and than we went on foot as far as 200 meters.IMG_1316

On the side of the road to the Red Crater contained Pandan Garden which is a source of additional income local residents. For you who want to enjoy a soak in the pool water Red Crater could try the private or the public. Private Red Crater plunge cost 25 thousand rupiah for an hour while the common 10 thousand rupiah for an hour.IMG_1333IMG_1332IMG_1314

Many tourist from Korea came to the Pancar Mountain climbing with route Pine Forest and Red Crater. for you like a challenge shall be tried vacations here.

Have a good vacations guys…:)

#GunungPancar #KawahMerah